IMG Trophy 2023

Garden City Golf Club hosting the IMG TROPHY 🏆 2023 last week. The event attracted almost 128 players, were having a competitive fun, socializing, and prizes challenging.

We can’t thank enough to all of our involved attendess, ongoing sponsors and all the golfers that make a golf day running smoothly with joys.

We look forward to to seeing you again in the IMG Trophy 2024 at Garden City Golf Club.

IMG Trophy 2022

On Saturday 10 December, 2022 Garden City Golf Club held the 5th IMG TROPHY with an incredibly 32 team players from various nationalities joined the tournament. It has been highly anticipated event amongst our club’s members.

Big congrats to all category winners and lucky draw winners.

We would like to thanks to our Sponsors and all participants, with your strong supports and presence, this IMG TROPHY was finished with laughter, joy and so much fun. Thanks you very much again for joining us:

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On 23rd Saturday January, 2021 Garden City Golf Club hosted IMG TROPHY which was our 3rd tournament for members & invited guests. This year tournament attracted 122 attendees.


The IMG Trophy is an annual event conducted at all IMG managed golf facilities throughout Asia, The Middle east and Europe and this year was the first IMG Trophy at Garden City Golf Club.

A large field of players including members, invited guests and sponsors guests, along with a number of VIP invitations enjoyed a day of golf, companionship, food and drinks and a generous prize list and lucky draw prizes.