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DEAR Valued Golfers,

You may find us now at LINE/Viber/ Wechat by adding ID: gardencitygolfclub to connect with us on the latest news, events and promotions. We would have special flash promotions on merchandise, golf fees or food & beverages exclusively for our golf players on social media. So be sure to get connected with us today!


Exclusive incentives for new members:
• Annual fees paid till 1 January 2019 for member
• No Annual fees paid till 1 January 2017 for spouse and 2 children under 18
• Free usage of the driving range for 1 year

Consider joining our member club now to receive the special offers while it still last. Contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +855 23 991 953 


Garden City Golf Club is a part of IMG Prestige club whereby our members get to enjoy exclusive access to over 100 golf clubs across 6 continents. Members are entitled to preferred access to private clubs, special rates and privilege offered by the other participating clubs and selected IMG Prestige partners. Kindly check their website www.imgprestige.com for more information.




Titleist 915 D2 and D3: 10% off from $499 to $449
Cobra Fly Z : 20% off from $491 to $393

The promotion will be from Monday, 13th June 2016 onward, do not miss out the special offers while stocks last!

For this issue, I would like to introduce you some of our new products in the Pro-Shop. Our Proshop offers quality golf equipment such as Drivers, Wedges and Putters. A wide selection of apparels, golf balls, gloves, golf shoes, golf bags, umbrella, tees and markers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find the perfect putter, apparel and more to fit your game at Garden City Pro-shop. Here is some of our selection that we are proudly present to you today.

Titleist 915 D2

The 915 D2 has a large 460cc head that is design to get the ball up in the air. The head is deeper and look like it has been stretched back to front, which move the Center of Gravity (CG) further back and also creates a little draw bias.

Titleist 915 D3

The 915 D3 is the smaller 440cc head, it is a whopping 2mm taller than the D2 and the CG is therefore a little closer to the face which reduces the spin a bit more by around 250rpm.

Both models come with a choice of 50 or 60 grams Diamana shafts at 45 inches, which is a good thing as too many drivers try and gain distance through the longer shaft that consequently make them harder to hit in the middle of the club. In my opinion, Titleist 915 both D2 and D3 are the easiest club to keep your ball on the fairway and lower your score. Come and visit our Pro-shop for further information.

Enjoy your great experience with us.

Mathee Sae-ear

Golf Operation Manager

Maintenance Schedules

The recovery from last May aeration on greens and fairways has been excellent with all surfaces returning to the level where GCM team aims for a daily basis. Light topdressing and grooming will continue bi-weekly to ensure the greens surface produces an even ball roll.

In preparation for the rainy season months, GCM team will be doing the last verti-cutting schedule of all fairways to reduce the thatch accumulation during the growing season. Again, we will experience some small disruption on the fairway surface but it will provide a better playing surface and healthy turf during the rainy season.

Key GCM Dates :     June, 2016

Monday 6TH June:   Light Verti Cut Greens

                             Light Top Dress Greens

                             Apply Granular Fertilizer to green

                             Light Verticut fairway

Monday 14th June: Groomer Greens

                            Apply Foliar & granular fertilizer on all greens

                            Continue verti cutting Fairway

Ongoing Works:     Replanting land scaping area on all bridges.

                            Cleaning lakes

                            Repairing Cart Path hole #3, 14, 1, 5

                            Weed management – hand weeding and spraying

The Happy Club Tournament will be held on June 19 and The Japanese Business Association will be held on Sunday June 26, good luck and I hope you play well and enjoy the event and the course.

Have a great June Golfing.

Jay Astilla

Golf Course Superintendent